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Housing Choice Voucher

The Housing Choice Voucher Program assists very low-income families in leasing privately owned, decent, safe and sanitary rental housing.

Nature of the Program: HUD enters into contracts with PHA's that administer the program.  The PHA issues eligible very low-income families' rental vouchers and the families are free to locate suitable rental units that meet their needs.  The PHA makes assistance payments to the private owners who lease their rental units to assisted families.  The assistance payment makes up the difference between what a very low-income family can afford.  The amount a family can afford is the highest of 30% of adjusted income or 10% of gross income.  A rental voucher holder may choose housing that rents more or less than the payment from adjusted income for rent.  Rental units leased under this program must meet HUD housing quality standards.

The Cleveland Housing Authority's voucher program currently serves approximately 190 families and has a waiting list.  

Currently, our waiting list is closed. 

Opening of the wait list will be publicly announced and advertised in advance. Please check back.