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Occupancy Standards

Occupancy standards are established by the PHA to ensure that units are occupied by families of the appropriate size. This policy maintains the maximum usefulness of the units, while preserving them from excessive wear and tear or underutilization.

The PHA will use the same occupancy standards for each of its developments. The PHA's occupancy standards are as follows; The PHA will assign one bedroom for each two persons within the household, except in the following circumstances: Persons of the opposite sex (other than spouses, and children under age 5) will not be required to share a bedroom. Persons of different generations will not be required to share a bedroom. Live-in aides will be allocated a separate bedroom. No additional bedrooms will be provided for the live-in aide's family. Single person families will be allocated a zero or one bedroom. Foster children will be included in determining unit size.

For the full Occupancy Standards Policy, please visit our office at 450 Walker Street, Cleveland TN 37311.